You’ve read about white wine pairing with fish and reds pairing with meats and heavy red sauces, but at 3 Sons Italian we’re less about rules and more about helping you find a wine you like! Here’s a quick overview of what we serve, as well as descriptions to help you choose a favorite!

Remember, “Food tastes better with wine, and wine tastes better with food!


  1. Chianti: Chianti is a red blend named after a region in Tuscany. It’s typically made with Sangiovese grapes. It’s often described as “spicy, tart and fruity.”


  1. Chardonnay: Made from green-skinned grapes, depending on the region, they’ll either be oaky with vanilla and butter flavors or more citrusy.


  1. La Familiglia Cabernet: This deep red is described as having berry and plum aromas accented by toasty oak and vanilla.


  1. La Familiglia Merlot: This rich garnet-colored wine offers the flavor of plums, figs and black cherries.


  1. Menage a Trois Blend: A blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this silky and soft wine bursts with jam-like fruit flavors.


  1. High Def Sweet Red: This low-alcohol wine (10%) provides pure red fruit flavors.


  1. Sycamore Pinot Noir: Displaying fresh berries and cherry-like aromas, this smooth, medium-body finish is enriched by toasty oak flavors.


  1. Marchese Super Tuscan: The term “Super Tuscan” describes red wine blend of Tuscan wine with non-indigenous grape varieties. The Marchese Super Tuscan maintains the characters of the Sangiovese grape with blends that taste of wild berry, cedar and earthiness.


  1. Da Luca Prosecco: Using northern Italy’s green-skinned Prosecco grape produces a white peachy aroma with high acidity.


  1. Riesling: Using a white grape variety originating in the Rhine region, Riesling offers intense orchard aromas like apricot, pear, nectarine and honey-crisp apple.


  1. Sauvignon Blanc: This grassy, crisp white wine is made from a green-skinned grape variety that originates from Bordeaux, France.



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