Naples was home to the first pizza so it makes sense to learn how to eat America’s favorite food by studying how it’s done in Italy. Here are a few things you should know if you plan to visit Naples and indulge in the best pizza the world has to offer!

  1. You get your own pie.

Unlike most of do in the United States, pizzas aren’t generally shared in Naples. Everyone orders their own pie.


  1. The Margherita pizza is the “only” pizza for many in Naples.

As you’ll see on the menu at 3 Sons Italian, Margherita pizza is basic, but anything but bland. The traditional pie is made with house made dough fresh topped with tomato slices, basil, olive oil and fresh mozzarella. They key words are “house made” and “fresh” when it comes to getting the best Margherita pizza.


  1. You cut your own pizza.

In the United States, your pizza almost always come pre-sliced—usually cut into eight or 10 pieces. In Naples, your pizza will arrive piping hot from the wood-fired oven so it’s too hot to touch with your hands. Italians use a knife and fork to cut their own pizza, often into slices that they then fold and eat.


  1. Pizza “to go” is sold by weight.

If you decide to grab “pizza al taglio” (“cut to go”) in Italy, you’ll head to the counter and choose from several types of long pizzas with various types of toppings. Simply point to the type of pizza you want and indicate the size you’d like with your hands. Feel free to order more than one type. The pizzaiolo (the person who makes the pizza) will just weight it all and charge you accordingly.


  1. Anything works on pizza.

Despite their penchant for traditional pizza, Italians aren’t afraid to venture out into the world of interesting toppings and flavors. Eggplant parmesan, Italian flag-colored peppers and even cheese-less pizza (for those with lactose intolerance) can all be found in Italy.


Ready for a taste of real Italian pizza? Stop by 3 Sons Italian today!


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