Consider yourself an expert in all things Italian? We challenge you to test your skills again these snippets of info. Are they fact or fiction?


  1. Italian vinaigrette is popular in Italy.

FALSE. You won’t find any vinaigrettes in Italy. Both the concept and the word are French, not Italian. Most Italians use only extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), either a white or red wine vinegar (or sometimes lemon juice) and salt. Only over the past couple decades has balsamic vinegar become a popular choice (to go with EVOO) in Italy.


  1. Cappuccino is typically served after dinner in Italy.

FALSE. Cappuccino is reserved for breakfast or possibly an afternoon snack. It’s not served during a meal and not typically consumed after dinner.


  1. Gelato has less air than ice cream.

TRUE. It also has less fat. Ice cream is usually about 10% butterfat while Italian gelato only contains between 4 and 9% fat.


  1. The average Italian eats over 52 pounds of pasta annually.

TRUE. Most people who live in Italy eat pasta at least once a day.


  1. Surf and Turf is popular in Italy.

FALSE. Few dishes in Italy combine fish and meat. Most entrees are one or the other.


  1. Italy ranks second for wine production.

TRUE. Only France produces more wine than Italy.


  1. Italians put cheese on everything.

FALSE. Although parmesan cheese is in many dishes, it’s considered taboo to combine cheese with saltwater fish (or shellfish). There are exceptions, such as lobster ravioli, but that’s more of a pasta dish than a fish dish.


  1. Italians typically keep three items on their dinner table.

TRUE. At most homes in Italy, you will find wine, water and bread on the dinner table.


  1. Italy grows 90-100 different variations of grapes.

FALSE. There are actually more than 300 different variations of grapes grown in Italy!


  1. Italians like thick-crust pizza.

FALSE. Most pizzas in Italy are made with a thin crust.


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