If you take the word “antipasti” apart, you can figure out that it’s a traditional first course (like an appetizer) in Italy. In Latin, “ante” means “before” and “pastus” means “pasture” or “meal.”

It Italy, antipasti (the plural of “antipasto”) is typically colorful and diverse, but not too filling. It can include anything from meats, cheeses and olives to sugared nuts, pickled peppers or sweet onions, or even seasonal fruit. The idea is to engage all the taste buds—from salty and sweet to sour, bitter and umami.

At 3 Sons Italian, our antipasti platter includes Italian meats and cheeses, relish sides and crostini (toasted bread). But in Italy, your antipasti options vary by region.

  • Northern Italy

Generally classified as the region from the Alps down to the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, Northern Italy’s cuisine tends to highlight foods from its dairy-prominent areas and oils and fresh herbs from the more southern parts of this region.

Antipasti might include: fresh figs, olive tapenade, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, prosciutto di parma, balsamic onions, fresh fennel, tuna and cannellini bean salad, polenta fritta and mortadella (sausage or luncheon meat)

  • Central Italy

Perhaps the most famous region in this area is Tuscany, which is world renowned for its delicious foods from both land and sea.

Antipasti might include: Prosciutto, tomato, basil, mozzarella, smoked salmon and fennel, eggplant, salami, fontina, gorgonzola and sautéed seafood

  • Southern Italy

With fresh catches from the Mediterranean and plenty of bold herbs and tomatoes growing in this region, Southern Italian antipasto is rich in flavor.

Antipasti might include: Anchovies, soppressata (dry salami), olives, ricotta salad, Romano cheese, artichokes, roasted pepper bruschetta, escarole and black olive tapenade

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