When our daughter Anna went to Italy a few years back, she returned with a wealth of insight into all things Italian! We were inspired by her beautiful photos, stories about the people, architecture and history, and (of course!) details about the food. Here are some of her take-aways from her trip across the pond:

  1. The gelato is delicious and beautiful. TripSavvy.com offers this great piece of advice when searching for the best gelato in Italy:Look for signs proclaiming gelato fatto en casa(homemade), produzione propia(our own production), or artiginale (artisanal). These signal a higher quality of ingredients and finished product.”


  1. The family “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant makes the food that much better!


  1. Trevi Fountain in Rome is spectacular. It’s the largest Baroque fountain in the city and is one of the oldest water sources in Rome.


  1. There are few combinations in life better than a fresh-made cornet with an espresso. Although many people think cornets are ice cream cones, they also refer to the delicious pastry shells that are filled with custard or cream.


  1. St. Peter’s Basilica alone is worth the trip to Italy.


  1. You don’t know the meaning of “fresh seafood” until you’ve eaten in in Pescara, a city that sits right on the Adriatic Sea.


  1. Siena, in the Tuscany region, is the most memorable city—like something out of a storybook!


  1. Homemade peach pie, fresh ricotta cheese and prosciutto is the best breakfast (and perfectly allowed on vacation)!


  1. Getting lost in the Italian countryside isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The signs are confusing, but you won’t regret a wrong turn!


  1. Eating in Italy isn’t just about the food; it’s about the experience. You take your time, enjoy the ambiance and company (even if you’re dining alone). It’s something we hope our guests at 3 Sons Italian experience in our restaurant too!


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