1. It’s family owned and operated by Italians. Husband and wife duo Michael and Susan Scarafiotti have owned 3 Sons Italian Restaurant and Bar since 2004. They opened the Arvada location in 2009 and running the restaurant has been a family affair since day one. You’ll often see family members on their website and Facebook pages, and Susan’s mother, Rose was the inspiration behind the traditional Italian recipes, including the meatballs and house-made red sauce. With mixed feelings, Michael and Susan admit that they are one of the last family-owned Italian restaurants in the Denver Metro area.


  1. The food is made using fresh ingredients. Michael comes in early to prepare ingredients from scratch and ensure that everything is fresh. He buys his sausage from his son, Gino Scarafiotti, who owns Belfiore’s Sausage.


  1. It’s comfortable. Michael and Susan, like many Italians, believe that dining isn’t just about consuming food to get nutrients; it’s an experience. That’s why the restaurant is decorated to be warm and inviting. The seating is comfortable, the lighting is relaxing without being too dark, and the décor is traditional Italian, including murals! At Christmas, 3 Sons Italian gets completely decked out for the holidays and it’s truly a destination for those who revel in good food and the Christmas spirit. The establishment frequently hosts live music, including smooth jazz and R&B to add to the ambiance. Past performers have included vocalist Anna Shea, Italian crooner Russ Canino, the Olson Jazz Quartet, Rick Chinsci and Danny Showers, and Sons of the Burbs singing classic Christmas carols, rock and folk music.


  1. The servers are experienced. Can you pair a fruity Sauvignon Blanc with mussels? Is it rude to soak up my sauce with my bread? Is the appetizer big enough to share? Can I ask for a “to-go” box? These are the types of questions are waitstaff gets at 3 Sons Italian and we love to answer! Our team goes through extensive training on everything from the menu and how food is prepared to wine pairing and service etiquette. At 3 Sons Italian, we know food and ambiance is important, but also rely on our servers to provide you with a wonderful dining experience. It’s the Italian way!


  1. We are fully decorated for the holidays, complete with our holiday menu featuring

Lobster Ravioli in a lemon crème sauce and also a Veal Osso Buco.


Call today to make your holiday reservations!


3 Sons Italian Restaurant & Bar

14805 West 64th Ave., Arvada