If you’ve got a penchant for sweets you’re in a for a real treat! Our dessert menu is brimming with traditional Italian options that are sure to leave you satisfied. Just check out these favorites:


  • 3 Sons Tiramisu: Tiramisu is a pudding-like dessert with sponge cake or ladyfingers dipped in liqueur, then layered with custard and grated chocolate. Created in Italy, it’s sometimes referred to as “Tuscan Trifle.”


  • Marscapone Chocolate Torte: “Rich” is perhaps the best word to describe this dense chocolate cake that coats every taste bud in creamy marscapone, a mild Italian cream cheese. This gluten-free treat is sure to please!


  • Pizza Fritta: This traditional Neapolitan deep-fried, sweet-dough pizza is served with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle.


  • Italian Cannoli: What’s more Italian that tubes of sweet dough filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate?


  • Spumoni: This family Italian gelato recipe is made locally by Lik’s Creamery.


  • Traditional Italian Cheesecake: Made with ricotta cheese, this airy cheesecake is served with strawberries, chocolate or caramel sauce.


We also offer our Sinful Brownie Sundae, which is served with vanilla ice cream, Crème brulée, a rich custard dish and topped with caramelized sugar.


If you’re a regular customer and want to try a new dessert, keep your eyes peeled for our rotating dessert specials, including our delicious fresh fruit tart and our 3 Sons Italian Banana Split!


On your next visit, ask about a FREE BOTTLE of wine!


Buon Appetito!    


3 Sons Italian Restaurant & Bar

14805 West 64th Ave., Arvada