Curious about the origin of “Fat Tuesday,” which this year falls on March 5? We were too! So we did a little digging and here’s what we learned.


The French phrase for Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras, which is the final day of the Carnival season. Although Carnival is typically celebrated in Catholic countries, most of us have probably learned about Mardi Gras from the movies or news stories highlighting the renowned celebrations, masquerades and parades in New Orleans. (Brazil and Venice also draw thousands of tourists and revelers for their Mardi Gras celebrations.)


Admittedly, some of the alcohol consumption and debauchery get out of hand, and it seems hard to believe that the excessive partying would have much in common with the austerity of Lent. But Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent’s time of fasting and penance in preparation for Easter, is the day after Fat Tuesday. For many of us, Fat Tuesday is seen as the final day to indulge before giving up something for 40 days.


According to, traditionally, the days before Lent were spent binging on rich, fatty foods, such as cheese, milk, meat and eggs, in anticipation of only eating fish (and other types of fasting). It’s also interesting to note that “carnelevarium” (in Medieval Latin) translates to “remove meat.”


While we certainly don’t encourage anyone to indulge to the extreme with anything, we do invite you to join us on Fat Tuesday for some delicious food (and perhaps a glass of wine or other beverage) to mark the final day of Carnival before we head into Lent. We’ll have a special beef entrée on Fat Tuesday (March 5), and then kick off Lent with a fish special on Wednesday, March 6. Just a reminder that we also offer a fish special EVERY Friday, in addition to many of our regular seafood menu items.


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Buon Appetito!    


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